Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: Psychotherapy for Potency Enhancement.

The decrement of sexual drive, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation disorders without no apparent cause are discernible signs of the psychological type of impotence. Actually, sexual failures are results of personality disharmony, emotional stress and difficult straits. Sudden onset of symptoms is quite typical for this body state. Men are considered to be emotional sexual impotents when they have the following symptoms:

  • Lack of normal erection even in view of visual or manual stimulation;
  • Abrupt breakdown of sexual excitement during sexual intercourse.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction of this type includes some therapeutic methods but the basic one is psychotherapy. The first stage of it is an identification of the disease reasons.

What are the Psychological Reasons of Erectile Dysfunction?

As far as sexual desire starts in the head, then in some cases, it’s practically impossible to indicate all the reasons of the disease.

There is only a conventional classification of etiology in the ED:
1. Psychoneurological ED causes. They’re connected with possible mental deviation and include different forms of phobic reactions: fear to catch any sexually transmitted disease, fear of sexual failure, fear of unwanted pregnancy, heterophobia, etc. Depression states, neuroses, experienced sexual violence make matters worse.

2. Psychological causes. They denote personality characteristics of patients. Among them are:

  • inflated or deflated self-concept;
  • innate decreased libido;
  • difficulties in sexual orientation;
  • mental pain of sexual nature in the past.

3. Social causes. These may be strict parenting, communication gap, long-term sexual continence or, vice versa, uncontrolled sexual behavior.

Predisposing Factors of Psychological Disorder of Male Potency

Erectile disorder is an extremely delicate problem that is associated with the mental state of a certain patient. That’s why predisposing factors of psychological ED maybe even the following ones:

  • Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: Psychotherapy for Potency Enhancement.When the place where a man has sex makes him feel uncomfortable. For example, when a person has a fear that somebody may come in and see the process;
  • When the smell and appearance of sexual partner are not pleasant;
  • When a man is afraid of sexual failure, especially during the first sexual experience;
  • When a man has a new sexual partner instead of his familiar one;
  • When sexual relations can be characterized as monotonous and fanciless;
  • When a man use condoms while having sex.

How can Psychotherapy Help?

Psychological erectile dysfunction is the diseases that can’t be cured with any medications. As it was already mentioned, the problem is in man’s head. Besides, only the desire to get rid of all mental problems makes the treatment success.

During the course ofTreatment of Erectile Dysfunction: Psychotherapy for Potency Enhancement. treatment, a specialist relies on the emotional susceptibility of the patient. Usually, the help of a behavioral therapist is oriented to:

  • Elimination of predisposing factors;
  • Stress release;
  • Mood improvement;
  • Shed inhibitions;
  • Ego boost;
  • Training of usefulness;
  • Wish to get rid of a problem.

The overarching aim of psychotherapy is to rid a patient of his fears. Counseling together with a sexual partner gives the best results. The problem is that a man who experiences some sexual problems can hardly confide it with anyone; as a result, a man can turn inward. In their turn, sexual partner or a girlfriend may show patience and sensitivity to a man that may cause speedy recovery.

Medications for Psychotherapy Support

Psychotherapeutic session for the treatment of psychological ED can be accompanied with some medication intake:

  • Mild antidepressant medication. They are usually prescribed for acute administration before every intercourse to overcome mental stumbling blocks.
  • Vegetable-based analeptics. They are aimed to remove mental stumbling blocks and give confidence.
  • Medications for erectile enhancement.
  • Vitamin-mineral complexes.

We may speak about the favourable evolution of ED treatment and drug withdrawal when a patient notes steady sexual desire, hard erection, and well-timed ejaculation.

Male potency will be in good condition only on the assumption of steady state of mind. This is one of the most important factors for sexual activity and sexual satisfaction.