Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes: Reasons, Diagnosis and Ways of Recovery.

Why Diabetes causes ED?

It’s a well-known fact that most diseases cause the development of other health disorders. Thus, diabetes for the representatives of the stronger sex is a contributing factor of sexual problems including erectile dysfunction. Scientific findings have proved that those who suffer diabetes have much more problems with genitals and their functioning.

Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes: Reasons, Diagnosis and Ways of Recovery.

Diabetes is the disease of the endocrine system that has a negative effect on lots of body systems and organs:

  • Blood vessels are hurt. As a result, cavernous bodies of the penis are filled with blood with some difficulties. Besides, there is a high risk of blood stroke and heart attack;
  • The testosterone level in blood is decreased. As a result, a man may lose sexual desire.

Male sexual problems usually lead to bad relations with sexual partners that can be the reason of psychological erectile dysfunction. Also, men have to take some medical preparations to maintain the normal sugar level in blood and psychological state. These are antipsychotics, non-selective beta-blockers and antidepressant medications that have a great negative effect on the male reproductive system.

Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes: Reasons, Diagnosis and Ways of Recovery.

Diagnosis of the Disease

The main task of a doctor is to indicate the main reason of erectile dysfunction. If a whole health condition of a patient is rather satisfactory, there is a high chance that ED is developed as a result of his psychological state. When serious after-effects are diagnosed (reduction in vision, disorders in the functioning of the heart, blood vessels, nervous system, kidneys) it’s the sign of physical nature of the disease.

Before a doctor assigns a therapy, patients need to have some medical tests to indicate:

  • The level of hormones, including testosterone level in blood;
  • The functioning of kidneys;
  • Cardiovascular risk factors;
  • A diabetes outcome progression trial;
  • Health state of thyroid body;
  • The state of penis vessels (Doppler sonography);
  • The level of conductivity of impulses through the penis nerve endings.

Sugar Influence on Male Potency

They distinguish 2Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes: Reasons, Diagnosis and Ways of Recovery. kinds of diabetes:
1. Non-insulin dependent diabetes.
2. Insulin-dependent diabetes. This very type causes diabetes development. In its turn, it’s caused by:

  • Genetic background;
  • Obesity;
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Hypertension;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Treatment of ED during Diabetes

In the case when a patient suffers the second type of diabetes, ED treatment should be started with improvement in his health. For the purpose, a doctor recommends to:

  • Keep a diet and not let weight gain. It’s banned to eat pastries, breads, fatty food. It’s recommended to eat more vegetables, fruits and dairy products.
  • Normalize blood sugar level because it’s a key factor for successful ED treatment.
  • Do sport and have regular physical activities.
  • Give up smoking, drinking too much alcohol and taking drugs. You should remember that bad habits increase the risk of ED development.
  • Control your blood pressure. Sometimes extra pharmaceutical treatment is needed. But let your doctor choose the medications for you!
  • Solve psychological problems. For the purpose, you may consult your behavioral therapist. If the bad relationship with a sexual partner is the main reason of sexual disorders, then you need to improve them. A partner should understand and support a man. If it doesn’t happen, the treatment will be useless.
  • Have enough rest and night sleep.
  • Quash stress and reduce stress.

All these methods are extremely effective but take time to give the results. In the case when sexual failures cause emotional distress, a doctor may prescribe quick-relief medication to enhance male potency. They provide a steady and hard erection. But don’t buy them without doctor’s approval because some of these meds are prohibited for men with diabetes.